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Come to Knightsbridge and experience the flavours of West Africa!

Taste the flavours of West Africa! Our West African cuisine menu offers a delicious selection of authentic dishes sure to please everyone’s palates. Enjoy the rich, spicy flavours of Jollof Rice and the complex blend of spices in our signature Beef Suya.

Our menu includes classic dishes like Egusi Soup and Moin-Moin, and unique dishes like Isibani Chicken Wings and Pepper Snails. With so many options, we guarantee to have a dish to satisfy your craving for authentic West African cuisine. 

About our menus…

We offer our a-la-carte menu: 

Which includes our traditional and authentic West African main dishes and sides; we also offer delicious desserts. Enjoy a sweet treat with our dessert menu, savour our traditional Plantain Tartatin or try our take on the classic Cheesecake with honey. 

Why not try our taste of African soft drink menu 

Quench your first and enjoy the refreshing citrus taste of Nigerian Fanta or why not try Nigerian Guinness, a dark stout beer brewed by Guinness Nigeria? Made from locally-sourced ingredients such as sorghum, maize, and millet and brewed in Lagos, Nigerian Guinness is renowned for its full-bodied flavour and creamy texture.

Indulge in our Wine menu: 

Explore West African culture with your taste and include MAMA African to your palate. MAMA African White and Red Wine is a blended wine made in South Africa. It is a blend of white and red grapes, most commonly Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, which produces a fruity and vibrant taste.

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