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Behold! A unique space, meticulously preserved and exquisitely comfortable. We serve only the finest, highest-quality products, creating an authentic culinary experience that is second to none. Our flawless execution ensures that every food and drink is a true masterpiece.
tony Chuka and Abdul Malik Abubakar

Isibani restaurants, situated in the heart of Knightsbridge, celebrate the rich heritage of West African cuisine with a contemporary twist. Isibani, co-founded by Tony Chuka and Abdul Malik Abubakar, takes inspiration from the traditional recipes and ingredients of Africa to offer a unique and authentic dining experience.

Our name, Isibani, which means ‘bring the light’ in Zulu, reflects our commitment to illuminating the beauty and diversity of West African food and culture. We draw on the Ibo-Nigerian heritage of our mother to create dishes that pay homage to the rich flavors and traditions of the African continent.

Isibani is proud to be a long-awaited addition to London’s West African fine dining scene, offering a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Come and join us to savor the tastes of West Africa in a contemporary setting.

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